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Organization Goals and Mission Statement:

Our organizational goals and mission are to provide quality coaching, instruction, player development and college preparation by using the resources of indoor facilities, outdoor fields and a strong relationship with college coaches. It is in the best interest of our organization to enhance our programs by entering our teams in quality, invitational tournaments and college showcases.


It is very important that all athletes understand that grades are the most important part of their lives and not just getting by in the classroom. Sooner or later, they will be in the working world and the better grades they have, the better the opportunities they will have down the road. Student athletes must have a minimum of a 3.0 to be recruited by most colleges, but should strive for the highest GPA possible to allow for greater opportunity at the schools of their choice. Yes, there is a college for everyone, but student athletes need to choose their path in the classroom now before it’s too late.


The organization is determined to do the right thing for all athletes at each level, ability, and age group. Our dedicated administration staff is more than happy to sit with athletes and their parents to set goals, expectations and the reality of what it is needed to accomplish each athlete's aspirations.

We do not, in any way, promise or recruit athletes by telling them they will get a college scholarship or academic scholarship. Our mission and goals are simple; we will place athletes on the appropriate teams, let them perform at their ability, and use our resources to help guide them through the college recruitment process.



Our Teams Philosophy:


Our 10U team is primarily for player development and will participate in local tournaments, getting them ready for the next level of competition.

Our 12U team will play locally to ensure continued player development and to get ready for their middle school teams; they will do up to two overnight tournaments which will require hotels.

Our 14U Elite team will compete locally and regionally with a few overnight tournaments. Our goals for the 14U age divisions are to get them ready to make their varsity teams as freshmen and to be exposed to the next level of the showcase trail.

Our 16U Elite team will play locally and regionally in quality tournaments and enter into local 18U showcase tournaments so they can be exposed to the next level of play and maintain a high level of competition throughout the fall and summer.


Our 18U Premier Gold will travel locally, regionally and nationally while competing and showcasing our athletes in the highest level tournaments throughout the fall and summer season.

Teams will practice, scrimmage and participate in local tournaments throughout the fall either during the week or on weekends to prepare for upcoming tournaments and to continue our player development programs. The organization will host an indoor winter league consisting of other local travel and high school teams. We understand that school sports could interfere and that high school sports come first. With that being said, it is up to the athletes to communicate with coaches about any possible conflicts.

We will have an 18U & up team for the seniors who have aged out and any current college players who wish to compete during the summer. This team will play locally so the athletes can maintain summer jobs and still have an opportunity to prepare for their fall college tryouts or workouts.

The organization will help build player profiles, collect a list of prospective colleges, educate parents and players in the recruiting process, and use our resources and experience to facilitate the recruitment process.

The New England Diamond Gems hosts our own local invitational tournaments for each age level in memory of Jenna DeAngelis. 

The New England Diamond Gems have been proven at the national, regional, and local levels for many years. We have had well over 80 athletes placed at the college level of their choice. Over the past several years, we have had over 36 athletes graduate with a degree and play four years of college ball. All of the athletes are thankful for the opportunities that the organization has provided. Each year, 99% of our athletes have made their middle school and high school teams.

Please check our website for our tryouts at www.nediamondgems.com.