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The New England Diamond Gems are proud to announce our 2019/2020 head coaches:




18U PLUS Derik Comtois
18U Premier Gold Rines/Gamage
18U PLUS Eric Gibbons
18U Elite Greg Herbet/Dave Guay
16U Elite Cassidy Gibbons
14U Elite Pinciaro/Dailey
12U Ellen Rines


Criteria for coaches:
1. All about the player development
2. All about the kids
3. ACE certification/back ground check
4. Minimum 3 years coaching experience at the travel level
5. Carry out the boards mission and goal expectations
6. Follow the player development plan and maintain goals for each athlete.
7. Communicate with the director of operations/player development personnel
8. Be on time

9. Be committed to our philosophy and always show great sportsmanship win or loose
10. Implement and execute practice plans