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Welcome to the Web Site of the New England Diamond Gems 

Based in southern New Hampshire, the Diamond Gems are competitive Junior Olympic fast pitch softball teams which compete on the state, regional, and national levels. Our players come from throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine and include young women between the ages 10 - 23. During the "off season" from October through April, the girls work hard, participating in the Gems Winter Workouts, Indoor Games, Practices, as well as Strength and Conditioning programs.  We are very proud that many of the girls are among the academic standouts in their respective schools.

During the summer, our "win / loss" record will be important, but the focus of our year will be for the girls to learn, to be "showcased", and most of all, to have fun. We won’t win every game, but we should “be in” them all. It is Coach Rines’ hope that when our games end, our opponents, the umpires, and the fans will all agree that our young ladies did their best, showed respect, and brought honor to themselves, and their organization.
Mission Statement


We take a great deal of pride in all of our athletes at each level of play. Your growth as young adults, your education, your health and well-being are top priorities in our organization. We as coaches will train each player in all phases and aspects in the sport of fast pitch softball.

  • We will prepare each player for competition through our teaching methods, our experience and our practice organization skills.
  • We will enhance each players own athletic abilities by working on proper mechanics and fundamentals during practices and winter workouts.
  • To maintain respect for all opposing teams and players.
  • To promote outstanding sportsmanship at each level.

Practices are for coaches to teach, mentor and to prepare our athletes for competition. The games are for the athletes to perform their hard work, to show skill development and personal growth.

Wins and losses will always be a part of competition. How you prepare, how you learn, how you build positive relationships with your teammates are most important to our organization.